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November 09, 2009


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great ideas on the entire site. . .all seem
so easy to do--can't wait to try. thanks for all the inspiration.


Paula Corley

Thanks TMS!

leslie p.

i've been looking for matilda & company...where can i find your great stuff? i can't find you on the web??
glad i found your blog...love the costumes! yummy!would love to hear your story about starting your company...I sell purses made from vintage textiles, and i'm always 'designing'...i just dont know where to go next. most of my sales are by word of mouth or small shows. i am currently working on a line of wrap dresses. who knows what i'll obsess about next!
glad to see what you are up to. you are fun to watch! and a source of inspiration! thanks! leslie

Paula Corley

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for your kindness!
You could check out participating in some trade shows to sell your creations (wholesale) or go to your nearest trade mart and seek out a sales rep for you line.
Just keep following your heart and hopefully the rest will follow!

I closed my business about two years ago for personal reasons and in doing so I have had the opportunity to spend much more time with my family and obsess as my heart desires.
I would love to see you work!
take care,

leslie p.

Hi Paula!
I was happy to hear your advice and encouragement - thank you!
I am a little afraid of taking that next step, afraid it will become a J-O-B and suck all my time up. I started a web site a few years ago, and I'm terrible about updating it, but would love for you to see what I do...www.beaucoup4you.com...not much there, but the 'gallery' will give you an idea of what I do. I am obsessing about my wrap dress/jacket for moms and daughters..every time I wear mine I get an order, so who knows?? I am growing tired of the purse thing...everyone has something similar, however, I have several diaperbags, backpacks etc. to finish before Christmas! go figure.
thanks again for visiting with me. I really appreciate you!

Paula Corley

Hi Leslie,
I checked out your website: www.beaucoup4you.com
you should really update it because your work is just lovely! I adore your cowgirl dress and your daughter is adorable. I would stick with the website and sell directly to the public...going wholesale means cutting your prices at least in half. If you can do that, still produce, buy supplies and manufacture in bulk and love the J-O-B go for it. Otherwise update your website! and submit some of your work to Haute Couture Handbags and generate some press.
take care,
When you update let me know and I will post your site under sites I like and send some folks your way.

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