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November 10, 2009


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Robin Aronson

Your site is beautiful! How do you do it all?

Paula Corley

With good friends like you!


What a fabulous collection of projects! Very inspirational. When are you holding classes??!! :-)

I can't wait to see what's next


Paula Corley

You will be the first on the class list ;()

Mary rose Korduner

Dear Paula,

I saw your coats in Belle Armoire in a joanneā€™s waiting in line. I bought the magazine hoping for a pattern. I absolutely love those coats and would really like to try making one. I am a beginner sewer. I totally love costuming an have an actress daughter and have made a few costumes for her but would like to make one of those coats for me. I have bought some Matilda & Me clothing in the past and have missed your design. I not a tiny woman and think this coat would work for me. Have you anything like a pattern that I can purchase and adapt to fit me ( size 18) by any chance?

Also I am living and working out on the Navajo Reservation so resources for vintage fabrics online would help me too. I do try to get to the Vintage Clothes fair in San Francisco when I can swing being in town at the right time.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity..it is truly inspiring.

Thank You,

Mary Rose Korduner

Paula Corley

Dear Mary Rose,
Thank-you for your lovely comments. I do not have a pattern at this time, since I drape and sew as I go when I make costumes for my daughters. But, I have been reading about some pattern companies that you may want to check out: Shoponion.com, Ottobredesign.com, Jalie.com, Mamu-shopde,....I have not checked out all these sites but they sound promising regarding patterns. You would need a basic jacket with lapel pattern that fits snug. Cut it at the waist, leaving seam allowance, cut a half circle, shaping the front attach to waist. For sleeves, cut off below elbow, cut length equal to below wrist and multiply width 3 to l shirring.
As far as the placket in the front I just folded fabric back on itself and added grommets.
The fabric was a baby blue cotton velvet that I dyed and the vest and accent fabric was a sample of upholstery fabric.
I hope this helps, but if you are ever in my area e-mail me and stop by for a quick sewing lessons! I do believe you can do this yourself, just make a sample first out of muslin, do a fitting, make adjustments then cut your final fabric.
Hint: I always wash all fabric before I sew. Let me know how it goes!

Mary Rose

Cool, Thx. i will check out those pattern companies. i have a pattern book from clothes but the dress i made didn't work out but I am not to be deterred. I will try again.
Thx afain for the ispiration!

Paula Corley

You can do it! just keep trying, rarely does something happen as intended on the first try.

Nancy Ellen

Hi Paula --

I happened to see your beautiful costume jacket on the cover of Belle
Armoire. I love the style -- it's one I've been trying to find for a
while! I gather from things here and there that you had you own
company and are probably a pro at making such things. Did you use a
pattern or just make one up yourself, or alter one? I am still fairly
new to making clothes but it's the sort of project I would love to
work up to (or alternately if you could point me in the direction of
something similar, shapewise, I could buy somewhere, that's a
possibility too...). Thanks for whatever help you can provide!

Nancy Ellen
Plainfield VT


As you know, my daughter LOVES your costumes. If you open for business today, we could all have our kids in these great costumes for Halloween 2010!!! Just amazing... the costumes, and YOU!!

Paula Corley

Fay, you and your family are the best! How about this summer we get together and have a workshop on costumes!


Dear Paula,

This is beautiful! I guess the Belle Armoire did too. Congrats on making the cover.

New York, NY

Paula Corley

Thank-you Pam!

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